Overview of Channels and Channel Actions

A Channel receives sets of alert recipients, and each type of recipient is defined in a Channel Action. A Channel Action specifies the type of alert (email or webhook), where it is sent, and the template for its message or payload.

A Channel may have multiple Channel Actions and can be subscribed to multiple notifications. When a Monitor triggers an alert, emails or Webhook requests go to all recipients in the configured Channels. You don’t need to select individual recipients each time you create a new Monitor.

You may also enable optional status updates for a Channel Action, to allow a Monitor to send reminder notifications if an alert remains active or if it has ended.

Configuring alerts

Set up Channels and Channel Actions, and then create Monitors from any Worksheet or Landing Page. Each Channel Action can contain a custom alert message for sending your HTML to an email recipient or JSON in a Webhook request.

For an example, see this page: Alerting Example: Channels, Channel Actions, and Monitors.

For more about trigger conditions, see Monitor Notification Options