Jenkins Build Logs

Ingest Jenkins build log data with the Jenkins Logstash plugin.


To do this you will need the following information:

  • Jenkins login

  • Your Observe Customer ID

  • Your Observe ingest token

  • Ability to restart Jenkins

Install the Logstash plugin

The first step is to install the Logstash plugin.

  1. Login into Jenkins and go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins, then click the Available tab.

  2. Search for Logstash, then click the Enabled check box to the left.

  3. Click Download now and Install after restart

Configure the Logstash plugin

Now that the Logstash plugin is installed configure it to point to your Observe instance.

  1. Login back into Jenkins and go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System

  2. Search for Logstash

  3. In the Logstash configuration choose the Elastic Search collector

  4. Input the following fields:

  • URI:

  • Username: Your customer ID

  • Password: Your ingest token

  • MimeType: application/json

  • Enable Globally: enabled

  • Use millsecond time time stamps: enabled

Elastic Search collector configuration sample

Verify Jenkins build data is being ingested

View the Jenkins build logs in Observe.

  1. Trigger a Jenkins build.

  2. Login into Observe and open the Observation event stream in a worksheet.

  3. Open the OPAL console and apply the following filters:

    filter OBSERVATION_KIND = "http"
    filter contains(string(EXTRA.path),"jenkins")
  4. Verify you are seeing Jenkins build information.

    Jenkins build information in the Firehose