December 1, 2021 release notes


Default time zone settings

Select a default time zone, for individual users in Account Settings or for an entire workspace in Workspace Settings.

Default time zone dropdown, showing -10:00 US/Hawaii HST selected and the Apply Changes button enabled

Metrics tab in Explore

Search all your metrics in one place, and view details without going to an individual Landing Page.

Metrics in the Explore tab, showing the "Available" metric from the Linux Integration "Mem Metrics" data  set.

Filter bar

Filter in Worksheets and Landing pages, by field names, expressions, and more.

Worksheet for the "Device Events" dataset, with "Device = Storage Room Multisensor" and "sensor = temperature" filters applied in the filter bar

Worksheet visualizations

Graph results from ad hoc Worksheet investigations, with multiple types of visualizations, styles, and colors.

Weather metrics in a worksheet, a line graph showing temperature over time for two cities


New align verb and m() function for working with metrics.

align aggregates time-series data into a single data point for each time bin, with simplified function-based arguments instead of rollup and an options() object. Metrics helper function m() specifies which metric to align.

// Computes the per-second rate of “requests_total” metric and the average of “memory_used” metric, 
// for each 5m time bin.
align 5m, requests: rate(m("requests_total")), memory_used: avg(m("memory_used"))


Linux Integration

Monitor common Linux system details with datasets and boards specifically tailored for Linux servers.