December 8, 2021 release notes#


Time picker issues#

  • Fixed several bugs causing incorrect display or unexpected behavior of time ranges ending at 00:00 (midnight.) Selecting a time range ending at 00:00 now includes the full final day of the time period.

  • Fixed a bug causing auto refresh to not reload results.

  • Fixed a bug causing the time picker to display the time period in UTC while viewing a monitored dataset.

OPAL Console#

  • Fixed a bug causing the OPAL console to not display correctly after using the Undo button in the filter bar.

Workspace Settings#

  • The list of members in Workspace Settings now includes email addresses for local (email/password) users and the type of authentication.

    Workspace Settings member list
  • Fixed a bug causing columns in the Member list to not resize correctly.

Minor UI issues#

  • Fixed a bug rendering a large number of bars in a bar chart card.

  • Improved message text and added tooltips in several locations.