January 5, 2022 release notes


Export CSV or JSON

Export observations from a Worksheet stage to a local file. The exported data is one line per observation, in either CSV or NDJSON (newline-delimited JSON) format.

Worksheet with More menu open, Export - CSV - 1000 rows selected

Easier access to data stream datasets

Find all your data stream datasets in the left rail, in the Data Streams section of the Other tab

Left rail open, showing the Other tab and a list of data stream datasets in the Data Streams section.


Test if values are members of a set

Test if one or more values are members of a set with the in(). This function accepts the column name or expression to check, and one or more candidate values.

filter in(user_type, 'guest', 'read-only')
filter in(location_id, 24, 25, 27)
filter in(time_ns/1000000000, 4, 5, 6)