January 5, 2022 release notes#


Export CSV or JSON#

Export observations from a Worksheet stage to a local file. The exported data is one line per observation, in either CSV or NDJSON (newline-delimited JSON) format.

Worksheet with More menu open, Export - CSV - 1000 rows selected

Easier access to data stream datasets#

Find all your data stream datasets in the left rail, in the Data Streams section of the Other tab

Left rail open, showing the Other tab and a list of data stream datasets in the Data Streams section.


Test if values are members of a set#

Test if one or more values are members of a set with the in(). This function accepts the column name or expression to check, and one or more candidate values.

filter in(user_type, 'guest', 'read-only')
filter in(location_id, 24, 25, 27)
filter in(time_ns/1000000000, 4, 5, 6)