February 2, 2022 release notes


More statistics for numeric values

If a field has multiple statistics associated with its values, now all of them are visible as histograms in the right rail. You may also filter to a specific range of values:

List of temperature observations, filtered to values 0 to 70 using the controls in the right rail. There are two visualizations, showing histograms of values and frequency of recent measurements.

Range filtering for float columns is also now available in the right-click column context menu.


Linux host monitoring

The Linux host monitoring integration provides additional information about AWS EC2 hosts, including instance type and availability zone. Click to view detail about an instance in the right rail:

Host resources showing new fields for application group, instance, instance type, availability zone, and hyperscaler. Instance values are clickable links.

Follow the link for even more, on its EC2 Instance Overview board:

EC2 Instance Overview board, showing details of the selected instance