March 9, 2022 release notes


Duration formatting in Worksheets and Landing Pages

Fields of type duration are displayed in an easier human-readable format. They also include a bar showing an individual duration’s relative length, compared to the longest time duration in the current results.

For example, the image below shows 19 results, with durations from 5 milliseconds to 1 hour and 53 minutes. The green bar, indicating a value’s relative duration, is very small for the 5 millisecond value, and the full width for the 1:53 value.

Results table containing a "duration" field. Durations are shown in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. The relative duration bar is very small for short durations and the full width for the longest one.

Observe Usage Worksheet

If you are a Workspace administrator, you may now access your Observe Usage Summary Worksheet via a link in Workspace settings.

The Workspace Settings page, with Usage Worksheet in the left sidebar menu.


New navigation for the OPAL language reference

The OPAL language reference received a format overhaul, with verbs and functions now organized by categories. In addition, each verb or function has its own page.

Observe docs site, with a table of all OPAL functions and nested links to function categories in the sidebar.