May 11, 2022 release notes


Top Values dialog while extracting fields from JSON

See the top values and other details for when using Extract From JSON. Hover over an item in the right rail to show a list of values for that property, along with number of total and unique values in your current query time window.

List of top city names in the weather data JSON


slice_array() function

Given an array, return a new array containing a slice of the original. The resulting array includes the element specified in the from argument (zero-based) up to, but not including, the to argument. Negative values count from the end of the array. See the slice_array documentation for details.

get_field() function

Given an object and a computed string key, return the value for that key in the object (if it exists.) See the get_field documentation for details.

haversine_distance_km() function

Compute the approximate great circle distance, in kilometers, between two locations on the surface of the Earth. Arguments are decimal degree latitude and longitude coordinates. See the haversine_distance_km documentation for details.