July 20, 2022 release notes


Observe apps

Apps are complete self-service packages for one or more related services. Each app configures data ingestion and creates datasets, worksheets, and sample monitors for complex investigations. No additional data modeling required. Ingest and navigate your data in minutes with a single app install.

Access apps from the Apps tab of the Workspace Settings page in Observe. Available apps include AWS, Kubernetes, and host monitoring. For more details, see the Observe integrations page in the documentation.


Aggregation for duration values

Aggregate duration values the same way as numeric values, without first converting them. This example, from AWS Lambda function metrics, calculates the average execution duration for each function in the current time period.

// Metric DurationMsFromLogs is the duration of a single function execution
filter metric = "DurationMsFromLogs"
make_col duration:duration_ms(int64(value))

// Calculate the average duration for each unique account+region+function
statsby "duration Average":avg(duration),
    group_by(accountId, region, functionName)
Worksheet for the Lambda Function Metrics dataset, with average duration for three unique account and function name pairs. A green bar in the duration average column shows the relative length of the individual durations.

Duration aggregation works with these aggregate functions:

See the statsby and timechart documentation for more about these aggregate verbs.