August 10, 2022 release notes#


Monitor custom description#

Add a custom description to a monitor in the Delivery section of its configuration:

Delivery section with a text box to add a custom description.

Figure 1 - Add a custom description to a monitor


droptime is now make_table#

The verb droptime is deprecated, the OPAL console will show a warning suggesting make_table instead. The new verb provides the same functionality, producing non-temporal rows from the input event or resource dataset.

make_event for table datasets#

The verb make_event, which creates a set of events from the input dataset, can now accept either a resource or table dataset.

make_resource default primarykey#

If the input dataset for a make_resource statement has a primary key, you may omit the primarykey argument to use the input’s primary key for the output. If there is no primary key for the input dataset, the primarykey argument is still required. (To create a primary key, see primary_key().)

width_bucket() function#

Create equal size histogram buckets over the specified minimum and maximum range. This function is intended for use by the Observe UI.