August 17, 2022 release notes


Apps tab

Access your installed apps in the Apps tab. The View content button takes you to the Explore tab, showing all the content associated with that app.

The Apps tab, with the AWS app, the Observe Usage reporting app, and links to manage and install other apps.

Sort, group, and filter by app

See which content is associated with an app with new options:

  • Filter datasets, worksheets, and metrics by app in the Explore page

    The Explore tab, filtered to items matching "app = AWS."
  • Sort and group monitors by app in the monitors list

    The Monitors list table control menu, showing options to sort or group by name, package, app, creator, kind, or status.


IPv4 address parsing

Four new functions for working with IPv4 addresses:

  • ipv4_to_int64: convert to a big-endian (network byte order) integer

  • int64_to_ipv4: convert a big-endian integer to

  • ipv4_network_int64: convert or to a big-endian integer

  • ipv4_address_in_network: test whether is in a given network (subnet, private, or class).

For details and examples, see the linked documentation for each function.