December 14, 2022 release notes


asc() and desc()

Use asc() or desc() to sort the results from an ordered window or aggregate function ascending or descending, respectively. These functions accept one argument, the column to sort by.

Subqueries may be anywhere in an OPAL script

OPAL no longer requires subqueries to be at the beginning of an OPAL script. You may define them at any convenient location, as long as it is before the first use.

make_interval and Interval datasets

OPAL supports interval datasets, where each observation is associated with an interval in time defined by a valid from and valid to time value. Use new verb make_interval to create interval datasets from existing event datasets.


Observe Azure app public preview

The Observe Microsoft Azure app is now available for public preview. Collect and monitor data from your Azure infrastructure, including AKS, Functions, and Virtual Machines.