January 11, 2023 Release Notes



The sort verb sorts observations by the value of a specified field. By default it sorts in ascending order. You may specify ascending or descending with asc() and desc():

sort desc(value)


The limit verb selects the first N rows based on the current ordering, filtering out the others. limit works for event datasets similar to how topk works for resource datasets.


On-Demand Acceleration

On-Demand Acceleration helps customers better manage credit usage in Observe. When your Query Time window exceeds the current accelerated range, you have the option to accelerate it anyway, using additional query credits. Previously, this would happen automatically.

Query Overview dialog showing partial results. The Accelerate full range button is available.

For more about accelerating queries, see About Queries and On-demand Acceleration.

We are interested in your feedback about this new feature. You may contact us at support@observeinc.com or talk to your Observe Data Engineer.