March 3, 2023 Release Notes


PostgresSQL DB App

PostgreSQL Database(DB) Service is a widely used open-source relational database management system. It emphasizes reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

Use the Observe PostgreSQL DB app to get out-of-the-box visibility into the overall health of your PostgreSQL DB instances.

New Column Menu layout

Figure 1 - PostgreSQL DB app

Column Menu Enhancements

The Column Menu for data columns in Datasets and Worksheets now displays new icons and ordering of menu items.

New Column Menu layout

Figure 2 - Column Menu Enhancements

  • Filter - filter data by a single parameter.

  • Remove empty cells - remove empty cells from the column.

  • Create as visualization - create a visual representation of data in a column.

  • Create summary - add a summary of the data in a column.

  • Extract from string - extract parameters depending on the type of string.

  • Sort A -> Z (descending order)

  • Sort Z -> A (ascending order)

  • Hide column - hide the column from view.

  • Convert -

    • int - integer

    • float - floating-point type

    • time - timestamp, date, time, interval

    • JSON - JavaScript Object Notation type

  • Add parameters

    • Existing - add existing parameters to the column data.

    • Create new - create a new parameter.

  • Add to resource

    • Datasets - add the column data to an existing Dataset.

    • Add to new - add the column data to a new Dataset

  • Link to other dataset

    • Datasets - link the column data to a listed Dataset.

    • View more - list more Datasets.

OPAL Updates


Returns an object of key=value pairs extracted from an input string.

parse_kvs( value )


Returns a concatenation of the two arrays array1 and array2. Note that this function appends array2 to array1.