March 10, 2023 Release Notes



Choose Favorites to view private objects or objects added to your Workspace. Use the + icon to add folders to your list.

Displaying Objects in Favorites

Figure 2 - Favorites

To add an object to your Favorites, navigate to a Dashboard, Dataset, or other items, and click the Favorites icon at the page’s upper right side. A dialogue box appears to allow you to select the type of object as well as the folder to add the object.

Resizing Rows in a Dataset Table

You can resize the row height in a Dataset table using the Table Controls options and the following steps:

  1. Locate the Table Controls icon Table Controls icon at the bottom of the Dataset table and click to display the options.

  2. Click View, and in the Row Height section, use the slider to increase the row height from Less to More.

Adjusting the row height in a Dataset table

Figure 3 - Adjusting the row height in a Dataset table

Resizing the Right Menu in a Dataset, Dashboard, or Worksheet

Resize the right menu in a Dataset or Dashboard by hovering over the left side of the menu until the Resizer icon Resizer icon appears under your cursor. Move it to the left to expand the panel and move it to the right to collapse the panel.

Selecting a Row in a Dataset

A row in a Dataset can be selected using the checkbox at the beginning of a row. When you select a row, the right panel displays all of the information in that row. This can be useful to see all information “at a glance” for a specific row.

Selecting a row in a Dataset

Figure 4 - Selecting a row in a Dataset