The Apps dashboard displays apps installed on your Observe instance. From this location, you can view the status of installed apps as well as click links to install and manage additional apps.

A list of available apps can be found at the Observe Integration index.

Getting started now displays on the left and you can optionally remove the pane by clicking X on the right of the panel.

Apps dashboard

Figure 1 - Apps dashboard

For each app, you can install updates, if available, or manage the installation.

To view the content of the installed app, click View content.

To install additional apps, click Install apps in the Looking for more apps? card. Or, to install and manage apps, click Install & manage apps on the right of the dashboard.

You can filter datasets, worksheets, and metrics by an app on the Explore page.

Apps search

Figure 2 - Search for Apps

On the Monitors page, you can sort and group by app.

Sort and group monitors by app

Figure 3 - Sort and group monitors by App