Default Workspace

When you pause over Default Workspace, Observe displays a window with additional options:

Default Workspace

Figure 1 - Default workspace


Click on the images to display additional details. Use the Previous button in your browser to return to the page.

Choose Default Workspace to display additional information:

  • Workspace Name

  • Workspace Settings

  • Switch workspace – move from the current Workspace to another Workspace

  • Workspace theme – select a color for the interface.

Choose Workspace Settings to display additional options:

  • NAME AND ICON – Click the pencil next to Default to change the name of the workspace. Choose the icon to display additional icons that you can use in place of the default icon. To display a specific icon, enter the first few letters of the icon name. For example, to display telescope icons, enter the first four letters, tele, in the search field.

Select icon

Figure 2 - Changing the icon

  • Members – add a member to your workspace. You can configure the member with one of the following roles:

    • Admin – provides writer permissions and can manage the entire workspace.

    • Writer – can read, modify, create, and delete any type of content.

    • Reader – cannot modify any datasets or worksheets.

You can create temporary users by configuring an expiration date for them.


Select an expiration time from one day, one week, one month, six months, or up to a year. Select Never expires to create a permanent member. For security reasons, you should select the shortest time span for the user. You can extend it if the user needs more time on your instance.

Add Members

Figure 3 - Adding members

  • Data streams – review the list of available data streams or add a new one. If you add a new data stream you must provide a token for it. If you don’t have a token, you can create a new one. If you have a token, you can choose Find token, and enter the Token id into the search field. You can also enable or disable data streams. X-ref to creating datastreams.

Data streams

Figure 4 - Available Datastreams details

  • Usage worksheet – view a summary of Observe credit usage including overall credit usage and credit usage by day. When you choose the icon next to Save, you can revert unsaved changes, duplicate the worksheet, or delete it. You can also share the worksheet.

Usage summary

Figure 5 - Usage worksheet details

  • User information – displays the name and email address of the signed in user.

  • Account settings – configure your Account settings:

    • Name – the login name of the user.

    • Default time zone – switch to another time zone.

    • Create a new password.

    • Role – the role assigned to the user.

    • User ID – ID assigned to the user.

Account settings

Figure 5 - Account settings details