Using Search, Bookmarks, and Notifications


Choose Bookmarks to view either private bookmarks or bookmarks added to your Workspace. Use the + to add bookmarks to your list.

Add bookmarks to your Workspace.


Select Notifications to view recent notifications about alerts and system events.

View notifications.

Choosing a notification allows you to view the top level of the notification. The page displays the following information:

  • Notification name and time - notification owner

  • Notification Details

    • Trigger at - when the trigger occurred.

    • Status - Active or Ended

    • Duration - the time that the event lasted.

    • Description - details of the event

    • Dataset - the object monitored by the notification.

  • Trigger Details

    • Importance

    • type

    • Kind

    • promote

    • message

    • Description

    • Node

    • uid

    • name

    • clusterUid

    • Monitor

    • Importance

    • MonitorName