Workspace Settings

Manage members and options for your workspace in Workspace settings

Workspace menu, with Workspace Settings selected

Name, icon, and time zone

To change the workspace name, click on the pencil icon. Click on the icon to select a different one:

Select workspace icon dialog open, showing many available icons to choose from.

Set the default time zone from the dropdown list:

Default time zone dropdown menu open

Click Apply Changes to save the new global settings. Individual members may set their personal time zone in Account Settings.

Manage Workspace members

The Members page shows all members of the workspace. Sort by clicking a columing heading, filter by source, role, or status with the Filters menu, or sort and group from the List controls menu.

List controls menu open, showing sort by expiration time selected

To add a local member, click Add Member and provide the member’s Name, Email, and Role. You may also set an expiration and add a comment.

Add member dialog