Observe apps

Apps consist of self-service packages that include data ingestion, datasets, worksheets, and sample monitors to help you investigate issues in your infrastructure. Ingest and navigate your data in minutes with a single app install.

A list of available apps can be found at the Observe Integration index.

Apps page in Workspace Settings. The **Featured** tab shows cards for available apps. There is also an Installed tab for apps you've installed.

Figure 1 - Apps page displayed from the left navigation panel.

To install an app, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab of the Workspace Settings page.

  • In the Featured tab, select the desired app.

  • Click Install.

  • Select your desired configuration: Recommended for the default settings or Manual for advanced options.

    • Accept the default Recommended option for a standard install and click Continue to install.

    • For custom settings, select Manual install (Advanced) then Continue to manually select configuration options.

  • Once you install the app, click the Connections tab to create a connection token.

  • Click View instructions to view the app data connection instructions.

  • Go to the Installed tab to view app health once you configure a connection.

  • Health status Healthy indicates that the app is correctly installed and ingesting data.

Each app has a Freshness Default setting in the manual configuration options. Freshness determines how frequently the data shaping updates a dataset transform that populates it. A shorter freshness duration provides more recent results but uses more transform credits.