October 20, 2022 release notes#


Dashboard card layout options#

By default, removing a card from a dashboard automatically rearranges the remaining cards to fill the empty space. Uncheck Auto-pack cards to preserve the existing card placement.

Video demo



The abs() function accepts a numeric or duration argument and returns the absolute value.


same() accepts two arguments, of any type, and returns true if they are identical or false if not. Unlike the similar = operator or the eq() function, same() may be used to compare null values. For example, same(null, null) returns true.


GitHub app#

Investigate details of your GitHub organizations and repositories with the Observe GitHub app. The app includes datasets and dashboards for commits, pull requests, issues, members, and more.

OpenWeather app#

Learn more about working with data in Observe with the OpenWeather app and tutorial. This app ingests data from the OpenWeather API into a datastream, ready for you to explore using the Observe UI and OPAL.