Fastly (Public Preview)

Fastly is an edge cloud platform that provides CDN, WAF, and edge-compute services. Users of Fastly can configure edge services to serve applications and assets through their network.

Observe helps you monitor your organizations’ Fastly activity with:

  • Datasets containing request logs from all your Fastly traffic

  • Datasets containing current configurations of services

  • Dashboard for checking on the health and volume of traffic being served.

Viewing Fastly Data in Observe

When you install the Fastly app, the app also installs default datasets and dashboards for monitoring and reviewing Fastly request traffic and services.

The following datasets are installed by default:

  • fastly/Request Logs

  • fastly/Service

The following dashboards are installed by default:

  • fastly/Requests

fastly/Request Logs

The fastly/Request Logs dataset shows the request log data from the traffic that Fastly is serving. It includes fields such as host, client_ip, request_method, and response_status. These fields helps track where requests are originating from and what the responses were.

Request Logs dataset example

Figure 1 - Request Logs Dataset


The fastly/Service dataset shows the services that are currently configured in Fastly. It includes fields such as name, service_id, type, created_at, and deleted_at.

Request Logs dataset example

Figure 2 - Service Dataset


The fastly/Requests dashboard shows the volume of requests served by Fastly as well as the distribution of response codes. This dashboard can be used to monitor Fastly traffic and identify if traffic is normal or if there’s a disruption.

Fastly Request Dashboard

Figure 3 - Fastly Request Dashboard