Installing the MongoDB Atlas App

What type of data does the MongoDB Atlas app ingest?

The MongoDB Atlas app collects data from the Observe poller for MongoDB Atlas. The below data is periodically collected:

  • Metadata about your organization, projects, clusters, and processes.

  • All available metrics from MongoDB Atlas API.

The following sections describe how to ingest data, install, and configure the collectors. For more about exploring this data, see MongoDB Atlas.


The MongoDB Atlas app currently does not support Serverless Instances.


Install the MongoDB Atlas app for Observe using the App section under Workspace Setting.

MongoDB app installation page

Figure 1 - MongoDB app card

Configuring the MongoDB Atlas Poller

Pollers periodically request data from the MongoDB Atlas Administration API, allowing ingestion of existing details without relying on a triggering event. The poller ingests data to supply these sources:

  • Project Dataset

  • Cluster Dataset

  • Process Dataset

  • Organization Dataset

  • Database User Dataset

  • Org User Dataset

  • Home Dashboard

  • Monitoring Dashboard

  • Performance Dashboard

To allow the poller to access the Atlas Administration API, create an Organization API Key

  1. Log into MongoDB as the user you want to generate the API keys.


To perform any of the following actions, you must have Organization Owner access to Atlas. More information about Atlas users roles can be found here

2. Go to the Organization Access Manager page for your organization and click on Create API Key in the top right corner.

MongoDB Atlas Organization Access Manager

Figure 2 - MongoDB Atlas Organization Access Manager page

3. Enter the API Key Information.

  • Enter a Description

  • In the Organization Permissions, check Organization Read Only

MongoDB Atlas Create API Key page

Figure 3 - MongoDB Atlas Create API Key page

4. Click Next and record both the Public Key and the Private Key

5. Click Done and ensure the keys are present in the Organization Access Manager home page.

In Observe, configure the MongoDB Atlas Poller to collect and ingest data:

  1. In the MongoDB Atlas app, go to the Connections tab.

  2. Under Data connection requirements, in the Poll updates from the MongoDB Atlas API section, click Get Started.

  3. In the Create poller dialog, configure the following settings:

    • For Public Key, enter the public key obtained from Organization Access Manager

    • For Private Key, enter the private key obtained from Organization Access Manager

MongoDB App poller configuration page on the Observe website.

Figure 4 - MongoDB App poller configuration page

You have now configured the MongoDB Atlas app and can send your MongoDB Atlas data to Observe.


Certain MongoDB Atlas resources limit how many requests they can process per minute. MongoDB Atlas limits these requests to 100 requests per minute per project. If this rate limit is exceeded, the poller may return a 429 HTTP status code.

Contact MongoDB to increase this rate limit, if needed. See Atlas docs for more information.