A single kind of alert, such as an email to a particular recipient. A monitor action defines the type (email or webhook), the destination (an email address or webhook URL), and the message template. A monitor action may be used by multiple monitors.



  • name (String) Monitor action name. Must be unique within workspace.

  • workspace (String) OID of the workspace this object is contained in.


  • description (String) A brief description of the monitor action.

  • email (Block List, Max: 1) (see below for nested schema)

  • icon_url (String) Icon to be displayed for this object. Icons are sourced from the fluency-filled icon set.

  • notify_on_close (Boolean) Enables a final update when a monitor action notification is closed (no longer triggered).

  • rate_limit (String) Limits 10 alerts to the defined time period. For email actions the minimum is 10m. For webhook actions the minimum is 1s.

  • webhook (Block List, Max: 1) (see below for nested schema)


  • id (String) The ID of this resource.

  • oid (String) OID (Observe ID) for this object. This is the canonical identifier that should be used when referring to this object in terraform manifests.

Nested Schema for email


  • body_template (String)

  • subject_template (String)

  • target_addresses (List of String)


  • is_html (Boolean)

Nested Schema for webhook


  • body_template (String)

  • url_template (String)


  • headers (Map of String)

  • method (String)