Observe Integrations

An integration streamlines the task of collecting multiple sources for a given target environment. If you are ingesting data from several related sources, consider installing one of our integrations rather than configuring all of them manually. The defaults are suitable for most use cases, and you can add additional sources or forwarders as needed.

Integrations build on datasets in your workspace, providing a collection of boards, sample monitors, and other tools to help you investigate issues in your infrastructure. Please contact us for assistance modeling data, creating datasets, and other ways to leverage the data ingested by each integration.

The sections below include installation instructions as well as suggestions for how to explore each integration’s data and use it to answer questions. Learn how the boards, metrics, and sample Monitors provided can help you better understand your infrastructure. If you don’t yet see a service you are interested in, let us know!


Installing the AWS Integration:

Exploring data with the AWS Integration:


Installing the Kubernetes Integration:


Installing the Linux Integration: