Kubernetes, also called K8s, provides an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications. K8s groups containers that make up an application into logical units for management and discovery.

Observe provides a manifest to collect telemetry within a Kubernetes cluster. By default, Observe gathers all events, logs, and metrics within a Kubernetes cluster using open-source collectors.

When you install Kubernetes using the Observe Kubernetes app, the app installs the following datasets, dashboards, and monitor templates by default:


You can find more details about Kubernetes in the Kubernetes documentation.

Event Datasets

  • kubernetes/API Update

  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Derived Metrics

  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics

  • kubernetes/Container Logs

  • kubernetes/Container Spec

  • kubernetes/Event

  • kubernetes/Events

  • kubernetes/Metrics

  • kubernetes/Pod Metrics

  • kubernetes/Pod Update

Resource Datasets

  • kubernetes/Cluster

  • kubernetes/Condition

  • kubernetes/Config Map

  • kubernetes/Container

  • kubernetes/CronJob

  • kubernetes/DaemonSet

  • kubernetes/Deployment

  • kubernetes/Endpoint

  • kubernetes/Endpoints

  • kubernetes/Environment Variables

  • kubernetes/Image

  • kubernetes/Image Repository

  • kubernetes/Ingress

  • kubernetes/Job

  • kubernetes/Namespace

  • kubernetes/Node

  • kubernetes/Node Condition

  • kubernetes/Object

  • kubernetes/Persistent Volume

  • kubernetes/Persistent Volume Claim

  • kubernetes/Physical Container

  • kubernetes/Pod

  • kubernetes/Pod Condition

  • kubernetes/ReplicaSet

  • kubernetes/Secret

  • kubernetes/Service

  • kubernetes/StatefulSet

  • kubernetes/Volume

  • kubernetes/Volume Mount


  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Cluster

  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Container

  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Namespace

  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Node

  • kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Pod

  • kubernetes/Kubernetes Home

  • kubernetes/Go Collector Metrics

  • kubernetes/Observe Metrics

Monitor Templates

  • kubernetes/Container

  • kubernetes/Container OOMKilled

  • kubernetes/CronJob

  • kubernetes/DaemonSet

  • kubernetes/Deployment

  • kubernetes/Endpoint

  • kubernetes/Job

  • kubernetes/Misc

  • kubernetes/Node

  • kubernetes/Node Memory Pressure

  • kubernetes/Node Network Unavailable

  • kubernetes/Node PID Pressure

  • kubernetes/Node Ready

  • kubernetes/Pod

  • kubernetes/Pod Containers Ready

  • kubernetes/Pod Initialized

  • kubernetes/Pod Ready

  • kubernetes/Pod Scheduled

  • kubernetes/ReplicaSet

Viewing Kubernetes Data in Observe Dashboards

When you install Kubernetes on Observe, the Kubernetes app installs relevant dashboards by default.

kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Cluster

View your cluster-wide resource usage and performance on this dashboard. Use the Group By menu to determine how you want to group the information. Select from the following groups:

  • Cluster

  • Container

  • Namespace

  • Node

  • Pod

Using the groupby menu

Figure 1 - Select from the Group By menu

kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Cluster

Figure 2 - kubernetes/CAdvisor Metrics by Cluster Dashboard

The dashboard displays the following information about your Kubernetes clusters:

  • Summary

    • CPU Usage

    • Memory Usage

  • Node Utilization

    The following utilization metrics are computed as the sum of CPU and memory across all containers running on a given node. This value may underestimate the actual utilization by not accounting for processes outside of Kubernetes.

    • Total Container CPU Utilization Per Node

    • Total Container Memory Utilization Per Node

  • Limits

Kubernetes calculates resource utilization relative to container limits. Kubernetes throttles containers that exceed the CPU limit and stops Containers that exceed their memory limit.

  • Max Container CPU Utilization

  • Max Container Memory Utilization

  • Network

    • Inbound Throughput

    • Outbound Throughput

  • Container Filesystem

    • Total Reads

    • Total Writes

    • File Descriptors

For the Kubernetes app installation instructions, see Installing the Kubernetes App.

To install Kubernetes with Helm, see Connecting Kubernetes with Helm.