Promoting Resources into Notifications

You can promote events in an event stream or resource set to notifications. You may want a critical error such as a host down log message to trigger sending notifications to you.

For instance, you may have AWS services failing health checks, or your AWS CloudTrail service detects events relating to changes not made by specific automation users or roles.

You can configure the notifications to run as frequently as you want, from every minute up to a specified number of weeks.

Observe provides templates to assist with creating notifications for your services. The templates available for promoting resources into notifications include the following:

  • AWS

    • EC2 EBS Volume Status

    • EC2 Health Alert

    • ECS ECS Task Log Check

    • EPS File System Life Cycle State

    • ElastiCache Cluster Status

    • IAM Policy changed

    • RDS Increased Error Logs

  • Jenkins

    • jenkins-app/Failed Job

    • jenkins-app/Long Job > 100s

  • Linux Host Monitoring

    • Generic Process Down

    • Host is down

To promote resources into notifications without a template, use the following steps:

  1. Log into Observe, and click the Monitors icon in the left navigation bar.

  2. Click New Monitor and then click Promotion.

  3. Select a Resource Set or Event Stream that you want to monitor.

Configure a Promotion monitor

Figure 1 - Configuring a Promote monitor

  1. Under Monitor, select the field you want to display as the description of the notification.

  2. Next, select the field to use as the Notification type.

  3. Click Continue.

Configure a promote monitor

Figure 2 - Configuring a Promotion monitor

  1. Select Informational or Important as the type of notification.

  2. Select a shared action from the Add Action list.

  3. Optionally, add a custom description or comment to the delivery message.

  4. Click Continue and create a name for the monitor.

  5. The new monitor now appears on the Monitor landing page.