Developer Toolkit Overview

The Developer Toolkit section contains API, CLI, and Terraform tools that you need to work with Observe.


Interacting with the Observe API requires that you create a Bearer token first. Follow the instructions at Observe API Authentication for how to generate an API token.

You can work with any of the following tools:

  • Export API - Data in Observe can be queried from code using the Export API, /v1/meta/export/query. You can also log into Observe using login API.

  • Command Line Interface - The Observe Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool allows you to interact with an Observe instance from the command line using the Observe API without requiring cURL at the command prompt.

  • Terraform - The Observe provider allows you to interact with resources supported by Observe.

  • Snowflake Outbound Sharing - Snowflake Outbound Sharing allows Observe datasets to be queried from Snowflake using SQL.