Using custom trace & span datasets

Observe’s trace data features work best with the datasets provided out of the box with the OpenTelemetry app.

If you want to use a custom span dataset, here’s what you’ll need to provide in the dataset definition (Observe automatically builds traces from spans, so you don’t need to provide a trace dataset):

Trace Explorer

Trace Explorer feature

Field(s) required in your span dataset

Use Trace Explorer at all on your dataset

span_name, span_id, trace_id, parent_span_id, start_time, and end_time fields

Filter on span type in dropdown

span_type field. The available values of the Type field are: ”Request Entry Point”, “Service Entry Point”, “Remote Call”

Filter on start time

start_time field

Duration chart

duration field

Error chart

response_status field

Service facet filter & group by Service on charts

Service field

Operation facet filter & group by Operation on charts

span_name field

Environment facet filter & group by Environment on charts

environment field

Version facet filter & group by Version on charts

version field

Error chart, response status facet filter & group by response status on charts

response_status field (When response_status is Error, the span is an error span)

Status code facet filter & group by Status code on charts

status_code field

View the flame graph for a trace

start_time, end_time, and duration fields

View the list of services in a given trace

Service field

View span events for a given span

No required fields in the span dataset; this requires a dataset named Span Event that has a foreign key column coming from the your span dataset