Using O11y GPT Help

Observe uses artificial intelligence technologies from OpenAI and in-house development to assist users in learning and using the Observability Cloud.

O11y GPT Help

You can access O11y GPT Help anywhere in Observe from the left navigation menu, under Help. Ask O11y GPT about specific functionality within Observe, how to perform tasks, and how to solve problems. O11y GPT Help uses large language model technology to help you work with your data.

Using O11y GPT for Assistance

Figure 1 - Initial Interface for O11y GPT Help

For example, you may want to learn how to ingest data into your Observe instance. O11y GPT Help responds with an answer and can interactively assist you through the process.

O11y GPT Help Response to "How do I ingest data?" question

Figure 2 - O11y GPT Help Response to “How do I ingest data?” question

O11y GPT Help responds with a description that begins with ingesting any data and then ends with specific data types for ingestion.

Perhaps you have a question about using OPAL and the parameter, statsby. O11y GPT Help responds with answers about using the parameter.

O11y GPT Help Response to "How do I use statsby?" question

Figure 3 - O11y GPT Help Response to “How do I statsby?” question

You can use the Copy icon to copy the answer to your clipboard and then paste it into a document or location for future reference.

statsby [ groupby ] ..., groupOrAggregateFunction ...

You can rate each answer as Helpful or Not Helpful which helps O11y GPT Help learn how to answer your question in a more useful manner.

O11y Copilot is also able to explain strings. Using any Explorer or Worksheet interface showing tabular data, a cell that contains a string will have a green context menu to the right side. In that menu, select Explain this message to launch O11y GPT and get an explanation of the message.

Help Topics

O11y GPT Help has specific training and focus on topic related to Observe, such as Observability, Security Observability, and OPAL. It will respond to questions outside of those topics with “That does not compute.” You can add information to it by uploading documents through the administrative interface. DevOps teams can also upload incident summaries directly from O11y Slack (check the /o11y summarize command options to understand how to do this).

Keep asking questions to learn more about the ways O11y GPT Help can help you use Observe.

O11y Copilot

In addition to the interactive O11y GPT Help feature, Observe provides O11y Copilot assistance. You can access O11y Copilot from the OPAL editor in any Explorer, Worksheet, Dashboard, or Monitor. O11y Copilot uses large language model technology to help you write OPAL to solve problems.

To use O11y Copilot, write a comment or line of OPAL, then press CMD-K (Mac) or CTRL-K (PC). The line under the cursor will be used to generate suggestions in a popup menu. Select the option you prefer, and click to insert.

O11y Copilot Response to a filtration question</p>

Figure 4 - O11y Copilot Response to a filtration question

O11y Copilot is able to assist with regular expressions for extracting values from string data. Using any Explorer or Worksheet interface, click a column header and select Extract from string. Click the Generate Regex button to generate a regular expression for this column’s data.

  • Please note that matching all possible formats of data columns which have multiple formats is not currently supported. Instead, O11y Co-pilot will match the first row of the currently loaded data set. Adjust filters and time selections to ensure expected behavior.

  • You may add additional prompts to improve the copilot’s performance. For instance, you might request excluding certain fields from the generated regex.

O11y Co-pilot Response to a filtration question</p>

Figure 4 - O11y Co-pilot Response to a filtration question

O11y Slack

Observe’s O11y help extends into Slack, adding troubleshooting assistance during incidents. From within Slack, you can call @O11y to create incident channels, get links to alerts, transcribe Zoom calls, and summarize activity into Notion. O11y Slack can help you reduce time to resolution by providing quick access to common tasks.

From within Slack, use /o11y help to see an updated listing of commands. Slash commands are private. Use @o11y to give the same command publicly.

Users wanting to work with O11y Incident Assistant can then use /o11y (private) or @o11y (public) commands to communicate with the bot.

  • /o11y ask, how, what %question% Ask O11y a question

  • /o11y help, ? Shows current help

  • /o11y incident Creates a new incident channel

  • /o11y join %zoom_url% Join a Zoom meeting. O11y will automatically join Zoom calls initiated with /zoom in the incident channels it has created

  • /o11y leave, kick Makes O11y leave this channel

  • /o11y summarize, summary Generates a summary of the current incident channel (including transcripts of zoom calls). Summarization accepts the following arguments:

    • /o11y summarize --since %relative_time% Use notation like “7d” or “90m” to control how far back summarization should go

    • /o11y summarize --save Remember this summary as a runbook (viewable in the Uploaded Documents area of Workplace Settings).

    • /o11y summarize --retro Save this summary as a retrospective that is uploaded to Notion

  • /o11y timeline Generates a timeline in an incident channel. (options: same as /summarize)

  • /o11y login %your_email_address% Log in to Observe. A login link will be produced to enable use of modern authentication technologies such as OAUTH, SSO, and/or MFA.

  • /o11y logout Log yourself out of the O11y Slack integration (does not affect other users or your Observe login status).

  • /o11y settings Configure O11y Slack’s behavior.

To configure O11y Slack’s behavior, use /o11y settings.

  • Public Answers in Thread When you ask O11y a public question (using @o11y), this option will cause it to thread its reply. Use @o11y within the thread to ask for clarification. Defaults to off.

  • Slash Commands are Public When you ask O11y a private question (using /o11y), this option will cause it to reply publicly in the channel. Defaults to off

  • Automatically joins Zooms outside incident channels This causes O11y Slack to join and transcribe all Zoom calls initiated within a Slack instance. It is intended for a Slack instance that is dedicated to solving DevOps problems with Observe. Defaults to off

  • Automatically joins Zooms in incident channels not created by O11y this causes O11y Slack to join and transcribe all Zoom calls in channels that have “incident” in their names (case insensitive). Defaults to off

O11y Slack Zoom Joining Behavior

O11y Slack knows about Zoom invite URLs that are posted in Slack channels and Zoom calls that are initiated by the /zoom command in Slack channels. It will always join these calls and transcribe them if they are in channels that it created. Use /o11y settings to allow O11y Slack to join and transcribe Zoom calls from more channels, if appropriate.

Expanding O11y

O11y GPT Help and O11y Slack can be given more contextual data about your organization, which is used whenever it is recognized as relevant to the question. Observe administrators can manage these data files in Settings.