Introducing O11y GPT Help

Observe uses the large language models from OpenAI to power technology that assists users in learning and using the system.

Introducing O11y GPT Help! You can ask O11y GPT Help about specific functionality within Observe as well as learn to use OPAL through the interface.

Using O11y GPT for Assistance

Figure 1 - Initial Interface for O11y GPT Help

For example, you may want to learn how to ingest data into your Observe instance. O11y GPT Help responds with the right answer and guides you through the process.

O11y GPT Help Response to "How do I ingest data?" question

Figure 2 - O11y GPT Help Response to “How do I ingest data?” question

O11y GPT Help responds with a description that begins with ingesting any data and then ends with specific data types for ingestion.

Perhaps you have a question about using OPAL and the parameter, statsby. O11y GPT Help responds with answers about using the parameter.

O11y GPT Help Response to "How do I use statsby?" question

Figure 3 - O11y GPT Help Response to “How do I statsby?” question

You can use the Copy icon to copy the answer to your clipboard and then paste it into a document or location for future reference.

statsby [ groupby ] ..., groupOrAggregateFunction ...

You can rate each answer as Helpful or Not Helpful which helps O11y GPT Help learn how to answer your question in a more useful manner.

Keep asking questions to learn more about the ways O11y GPT Help can help you use Observe.