image Google Cloud Platform Quickstart

Note: The following requires that you have setup the Observe Google Cloud Integration first.

Install the Google Cloud Quickstart app to monitor and troubleshoot your Google Cloud infrastructure, including but not limited to:

  • Compute Engine

  • Kubernetes Engine

  • Cloud Memorystore

  • Cloud SQL

  • Bigquery

  • Cloud Run

Observe helps you quickly start monitoring the health and activity of your servers with the following features:

  • A log dataset (Logs) with logs shipped by Google Cloud Logging.

  • A metrics dataset (Metrics) with metrics collected from enabled and reporting services.

  • A resource dataset (Resources) to discover and inspect services and infrastructure from your Google Cloud Project or Folder. Furthermore, applicable metrics and logs are automatically linked to their associated resources to enable deeper troubleshooting.

Viewing data about your Google Cloud systems


The quickstart app is designed to auto discover resources in your Google Cloud Project or Folder. Assets are automatically captured from every monitored project, including properties associated with each asset depending on its type.


Perform detailed inspection of each resource, including inspecting property changes over time.

Inspect Resource Properties


Use the Metric Explorer to filter, transform, and visualize metrics related to your Google Cloud environment. All metrics are prefixed and named according to the Google Cloud metric format specified in Google Cloud Documentation.


Select a metric time series and click on inspect to drill down into its associated resource.

Link Metrics to Resources


Use the Log Explorer to filter, transform, and visualize logs related to your Google Cloud Environment. The Body of a log event is determined by its sub-fields, protoPayload, jsonPayload and textPayload.

Typically, protoPayload is found in Audit Logs and jsonPayload can be found in structured logs emitted by services or libraries like Cloud Logging clients. Any unstructured message is classified as textPayload.

Structured Logs

Inspect and extract fields from structure logs:

Structured Logs