Prometheus Metrics (Public Preview)

Prometheus is a popular open source tool for capturing observability data. Use the Observe Prometheus Metrics app to shape your Prometheus data into metrics that you can explore and graph in dashboards.


If you want to collect Prometheus data to monitor a Kubernetes environment, consider using the Observe Kubernetes App with Metric Discovery instead of the Prometheus Metrics App.

The Prometheus Metrics app installs the following datasets by default:

  • Prometheus Metrics

  • Metric Namespaces

Viewing Prometheus Metrics in Observe

After installing the app, you can view the metrics you collect from Prometheus in the Metrics Explorer and you can add them to dashboards.

Metric Summary Dashboard

If you want to analyze or troubleshoot how Prometheus generates your metrics, the Metric Summary dashboard displays the following information:

  • What metrics are you capturing within a given metric namespace?

  • How many metric points and what kind of cardinality exists for a given metric?

  • What labels are being applied to my metrics? (And by extension, what metrics are being collected for pod:figbar?)

  • How do I know if my Prometheus scrape jobs work?

Metrics Summary. Summarizes what metrics are collected, what labels they have, metric count, cardinality.

Figure 1 - Prometheus/Metrics Summary

Setting Up Prometheus Metrics

The Prometheus Metrics app ingests data using the Prometheus remote_write configuration. To install and configure data collection, see the Prometheus Metrics Installation Guide.