Configuring Google Workspace SAML and Single Sign On (SSO)

With SAML support, Observe supports using Google Workspace as an Identity Provider (IdP). Use the following instructions to configure Google Workspace parameters.

Configuring Google Workspace for SAML and SSO

  1. Log into the Google Workspace Admin portal,, as a super administrator.

Google App Admin page

Figure 1 - Google Workspace App page

2. Navigate to Apps > Web and mobile apps,

3. Select Add App > Add custom SAML app.

4. Enter Observe as the App name.

5. Download the Observe icon from, and use it as the App icon.


You cannot add or change the App icon after you configure SAML SSO.
Google App Admin details

Figure 2 - Google Workspace App Details

6. Choose Continue.

7. On the Google Identity Provider details page, click Continue.

8. Enter the following Service Provider Details:

  • ACS URL - https://${CUSTOMER_ID}

  • Entity ID - https://${CUSTOMER_ID}

  • Start URL - https://${CUSTOMER_ID}

  • Signed Response - check

  • Name ID format - EMAIL

  • Name ID - Basic Information > Primary email

Service provider details

Figure 3 - Service Provider Details

9. Click Continue.

Attribute Mapping

To map attributes, click Add Mapping and use the following Google Directory attributes and App attributes:

Google Directory attribute

App attributes

First name


Last name


Primary email


Group Membership Attributes

Observe supports the sending of group membership claims via SAML. The field mapping for Group Names support is as follows. Note that each Google group that you send to Observe should have at least 1 member.

Google Directory attribute

App attributes

Google groups


Google SAML Mapping details

Figure 4 - Google SAML Mapping Details

Click Finish, and review the Observe app page. By default, no users have access to the app. You must assign Users and/or Groups to the app.

Observe App Details

Figure 5 - Observe App Details

Configuring Observe for Google Workspace SSO

  1. Log into Observe using the URL, https://${CUSTOMER_ID}

  2. Copy the SSO URL from Google and paste it into the Entry Point field in Observe. The SSO URL has the format

  3. Copy the certificate in Google and paste it into Observe’s Cert field.

Observe SAML Certificate Details

Figure 6 - SAML Certificates

Observe SAML configuration

Figure 7 - Observe SAML Details

  1. Click Add SAML Provider. The settings appear in the Customer Auth Details.

Testing the SAML Login from Google

  1. Return to the Observe app configuration page on Google.

  2. Click X to close the SAML Certificates panel.

  3. Click Test SAML Login. If you added yourself as a user, then you log into Observe. If you did not add yourself as a user, the login successfully fails.

Now, when you return to the Observe Welcome page at https://${CUSTOMER_ID}, a new button, Continue with SSO, appears on the page.

Observe Login with Google SSO

Figure 8 - Observe Login with Google SSO


It can take a significant amount of time for Google to apply the configuration changes. Please allow up to 24 hrs for change propagation to complete.