OPAL Functions By Category



Aggregate functions

Aggregate functions are used with aggregating verbs like [timechart](verb/timechart.

Boolean functions

Boolean functions calculate logic results, involving “true” and “false.

Misc functions

Miscellaneous functions are those that do not fit in the other categories.

Networking functions

Networking related functions are helpful when analyzing networking data.

Numeric functions

Numeric functions act on and/or produce numeric values, for your mathematical calculation needs.

Regex functions

Regular expression functions use regular expressions as input.

Semistructured functions

Semistructured functions act upon, or produce, arrays or objects that are treated as scalars.

Special functions

Special functions implement flow control-like structures or other control semantics.

String functions

String functions process strings as input, or provide strings as output.

Time functions

Time functions provide conversion to and from various time and date formats.

Window functions

Window functions are like aggregate functions in that they summarize input values from multiple input rows.

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