Amazon Elastic Container Service

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a highly scalable container orchestration service, eliminating the need for you to install, configure, and manage your own container orchestration infrastructure.

Observe helps you monitor the health and activity of ECS with the following features:

  • Datasets containing the details of your ECS clusters and services, allowing you to see services running in which cluster, and inspect their attributes over time.

  • A board with at-a-glance insights, such as the health of services and clusters, their CPU and memory utilization, and details of tasks for each service.

  • Sample Monitor configurations to alert on common problems, such as task execution failures and threshold violations.

  • Providing additional datasets to inspect various resources related to your instances, such as container instances involved in tasks, etc.

Viewing ECS activity in Observe

Te see details of your ECS services, go to the ECS Service dataset in Observe. The Monitoring board provides an overview of the state of your services:

ECS Monitoring board. Cards include region, CPU, and memory  utilization.

Figure 1 - ECS Monitoring board

This board includes visualizations with information your services. Use it to answer questions such as:

  • How many services are active?

  • Which regions are they in?

  • Which clusters are running those services?

  • How many resources are services consuming?

The Monitoring board includes useful service metrics, such as:

  • CPU utilization

  • Memory utilization

For a complete list of ECS metrics collected, see Amazon Elastic Container Service metrics.

Filter to the items of interest, then use GraphLink to explore resources related to a cluster, service, or task:

  • Which clusters are running active workloads? From either tasks or services, GraphLink to ECS Cluster.

  • Which tasks are associated with which services? From ECS Service, GraphLink to ECS Cluster

  • What are the error messages from a failed task execution? From ECS Tasks, GraphLink to ECS Task Failure Event.


The Observe ECS integration includes the following Monitor templates:

  • ECS Task Log Check

  • ECS Metrics Threshold Check


Contact us for assistance with installing the Observe AWS Integration, creating datasets, and customizing Monitors. To view CPU and Memory metrics, ensure you have enabled Container Insights for your cluster in the AWS Console.