Installing the Service Level Objective App#

Install the Observe SLO App using the App section under Workspace Setting.

SLO app

Figure 1 - SLO app card

The default configuration settings of the SLO app may be sufficient for your needs, but you should consider overwriting the defaults for the following options:

  • Name Format - The default value of SLO/%s places your SLO resources within the SLO folder, but you may want to put them in a different folder.

  • SLO Timeframe Days - The number of days over which to calculate your SLOs, e.g, ‘7’, ‘15’, 30’, etc. You can add multiple timeframes, although more timeframes increase the usage-based cost of the app.

  • Default SLO Target - The default value to use in dashboards and monitor templates for your SLO target. This can always be updated in individual dashboards as you create monitors. This is a float number between 0 and 100 that represents the target uptime percentage for your SLOs.

Creating new SLOs#

Once you install the SLO app, and you want to add new SLOs, simply create a new monitor. Within an hour, you then see the new SLO appear in your SLO Summary and Status Dashboards, and you can graph the monitor_slo metric for your new SLO in the Metric Explorer and custom Dashboards.