Overview of Shared Actions

A Shared Action contains sets of alert recipients and specifies the type of alert, email, or Webhook, where to send it, and the template for its message or payload.

A Shared Action can be subscribed to multiple notifications. When a Monitor triggers an alert, emails or Webhook requests go to all recipients in the configured Shared Action. You don’t have to select individual recipients each time you create a new Monitor.

You may also enable optional status updates for a Shared Action, to allow a Monitor to send reminder notifications if an alert remains active or if it has ended.

Shared Action landing page

Figure 1 - Shared Action Landing Page

Configuring Alerts

Set up Shared Actions and then create Monitors from any Worksheet or Landing Page. Each Channel Action can contain a custom alert message for sending your HTML to an email recipient or JSON in a Webhook request.

For an example, see this page: Alerting Example: Channels, Channel Actions, and Monitors.

For more about trigger conditions, see Monitor Notification Options