AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service. It runs code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources required.

Observe helps you monitor the health and activity of your Lambda functions with:

  • Datasets containing details of Lambda functions, allowing you to see which functions are in which AWS account, their state, and other attributes.

  • A board with at-a-glance insights, such as function invocation rate, execution duration, and errors.

  • Links to the CloudWatch Logs associated with each function.

  • Sample Monitor configurations to alert on common problems, such as high memory usage.


To view CloudWatch Logs for your Lambda functions, configure CloudWatch Log Group ingest.

View Lambda activity in Observe

To see details of your Lambda functions, go to the “Lambda Function” dataset in Observe. The “Monitoring” board provides an overview of the health of your functions:

Monitoring board for the Lambda Function resource dataset. Visualizations include invocation rate, duration, and failed invocations.

This board includes visualizations with information about your functions. Use it to answer questions like:

  • How frequently is a function being invoked and how long does it run?

  • How many failed invocations?

  • Which runtime does a function use?

The Monitoring board has useful Lambda metrics, such as:

  • The number of concurrent function executions

  • Number of invocations throttled due to exceeding your concurrent executions quota

For a complete list of Lambda metrics collected, see AWS Lambda metrics.


The following Monitor templates are included:

Monitor Template


Lambda Account-Wide Concurrency

Alert if there are more than 800 concurrent invocations, across all your Lambda functions.

Lambda Function Error Monitor

Alert if the error rate for a function is more than 5 percent of its invocations.

Lambda Function Memory Monitor

Alert if a function uses more than 80 percent of its available memory.

Lambda Function Timeout Monitor

Alert if a function exceeds 80 percent of its maximum allowed execution time.

To use a template, go to the list of templates on the Monitors page and select Duplicate for the one you wish to use. Make any desired configuration changes on the Create a Monitor page and save to enable it.


Contact us for assistance with installing the Observe AWS Integration, creating datasets, and customizing Monitors.

To enable inspecting the CloudWatch Logs associated with a function, we recommend enabling automatic subscription of CloudWatch Log Groups. For details, see How do I send CloudWatch Log Groups to Observe? in the AWS Integration documentation. You may also enable only the Log Groups of interest, see AWS CloudWatch Logs for more information.