Logstash provides a lightweight agent for forwarding logs from a variety of different sources. You configure the sources using input plugins and output data using output plugins. For more information on input plugins, see Logstash Input Plugins documentation.


Observe works with the OSS version of Logstash, which may be downloaded at Logstash Downloads. The Logstash setup and run guides can be found here: Logstash Setup and Run Guide.


To use Logstash, you need the following information:

  1. Your Observe Customer ID

  2. Your Observe ingest token


  1. Configure an ouput plugin to forward data to Observe:

Add the following output configuration to your logstash.conf file, providing your Observe Customer ID and Ingest Token where indicated.

output {
   elasticsearch {
       hosts => [ "https://collect.observeinc.com:443/v1/elastic" ] 
       user => "<Customer ID>"
       password => "<Ingest Token>"         
       ssl => true
       http_compression => true

Retry on failure

Logstash supports retries. See the Logstash documentation for more information.