GCP Cloud Functions#

Cloud Functions is a lightweight compute solution for developers to create single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to Cloud events without the need to manage a server or runtime environment.

Observe helps you monitor the health and activity of your Cloud Functions with the following features:

  • Datasets containing details of Cloud Functions that allow you to see functions in a specific GCP project, the state, and other attributes.

  • A Dashboard with at-a-glance insights, such as function invocation rate, execution duration, and errors.

  • Links to the Function Logs associated with each function.

  • Sample Monitor configurations to alert on common problems, such as function execution times.

View Cloud Functions activity in Observe#

To see details of your Cloud Functions, go to the Cloud Function dataset in Observe. Cloud Functions Monitoring Dashboard provides an overview of the health of your functions:

Dashboards for the Cloud Functions resource dataset. Visualizations include invocation rate, duration, and failed invocations.

Figure 1 - Dashboard for Cloud Function

This Dashboard includes visualizations with information about your functions. Use it to answer questions such as:

  • How frequently do Cloud Functions invoke a function and how long does it run?

  • How many failed invocations?

  • Which runtime does a function use?

The Dashboard has useful Cloud Functions metrics, such as:

  • The number of concurrent function executions that occurred.

  • Number of invocations throttled because you exceeded your concurrent executions quota.

For a complete list of collected Cloud Functions metrics, see Cloud Functions metrics.


The GCP app includes the following Monitor templates for Cloud Functions:

  • Cloud-Functions-Execution-Times - Alert if an execution time for any Cloud Functions exceeds 5 seconds.

To use a template, go to the list of templates on the Monitors page and select the one you want to use. Make any desired configuration changes on the Create a Monitor page and save it.


Install the Observe GCP app app and select Cloud Functions from the Configuration list. The installation creates corresponding Datasets and Monitors.