Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Streams

Observe supports ingesting metrics data from Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Streams using an Amazon Kinesis Firehose forwarder. Follow the steps below to send Amazon CloudWatch metrics for the services you use to Observe.


CloudWatch metrics ingest consists of a component of the Observe AWS integration. If you have installed this integration, you do not need to configure CloudWatch metrics ingest separately.

Creating an Amazon Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream

First, see the Amazon Kinesis Firehose forwarder documentation to create a new delivery stream. This sends data from Amazon Kinesis Firehose to the Observe Kinesis HTTP endpoint as a “Direct PUT” source.

Creating an Amazon CloudWatch Metric Stream

Next, create a metric stream that sends data to the Amazon Kinesis Firehose delivery stream you just added.

  1. In the Amazon CloudWatch console, under Metrics, select Streams to go to the Metric Streams page.

  2. Click Create stream to start configuring a new metric stream.

  3. Under Metrics to be streamed, choose one of the two available ways to create a list of namespaces:

    • Select All metrics to send metrics from all namespaces, optionally excluding some metrics


    • Select Selected namespaces to choose namespaces individually.

  4. Under Configuration:

    • Choose Select an existing Firehose owned by your account.

    • Select the delivery stream from the list.

      Select an existing Kinesis Firehose stream

    Figure 1 - Select an existing Amazon Kinesis Firehose stream.

5. Select JSON output format.

6. Under Custom metric stream name, optionally choose a custom name for this metric stream.

7. Click Create metric stream to create the stream.