Release Notes - June 9, 2023

New Features

Adding Role-based Access Control with Terraform

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) allows you to restrict access to Observe based on the assigned role in your organization. You can add users to groups with specific permissions that allow or deny actions within the Observe instance. For example, you may have users that you assign view-only privileges and allow them to view only certain Datasets within your Observe instance. For other users, you may assign a role to a user that provides access to Datasets and then perform activities within the Dataset, such as creating Dashboards or modeling the data using OPAL.

You can configure RBAC using Terraform. More information here.

Observe Command Line Interface Tool Overview

The Observe Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool allows you to interact with an Observe instance from the command line using the Observe API without requiring cURL at the command prompt. Observe provides a cloud-based observability platform that models machine data to help you debug issues with software and businesses fast.

More information here.

Exporting Query Results in CSV or JSON Format

Data in Observe can be queried programmatically using the Export API, /v1/meta/export/query. You provide an OPAL query in a JSON-encoded POST request, and the API endpoint returns data in either CSV or newline-delimited JSON.

More information here.

OpenAI (Public Preview)

OpenAI is a research organization that aims to create advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems and promote safe and beneficial AI development. They pursue this goal through a variety of research projects, including natural language processing, reinforcement learning, computer vision, and robotics. OpenAI also provides tools and resources to enable other researchers and developers to build and experiment with AI technology. For more about OpenAI, please refer to the OpenAI Documentation.

The Observe OpenAI app ingests token usage data so you can get insights into your OpenAI application.

More information here.

Basic Threat Intel Integration (Public Preview)

The Basic Threat Intel app ingests data from open source threat intelligence lists and infrastructure as service providers, using Observe pollers.

Observe helps you monitor the public networks that your systems contact by using resource sets that include information about known bad addresses, known infrastructure addresses, and more. Viewing Basic Threat Intel Data in Observe

More information here.

OPAL Tutorials

Become familiar with OPAL using these tutorials:

OPAL 101 – Getting Started with OPAL OPAL 102 – Shaping Structured and Unstructured Data Using Stages

Terraform Templates

More information here .