Observe Regions


Observe provides regional deployments throughout the globe. Each region is completely independent, and operates with its own dedicated set of services. Regions enable you to use Observe in accordance data locality needs and regulations. Data is not shared or queryable across Regions. Observe Customers may have more than one region.

Shared responsibility

At Observe, we adhere to a shared responsibility model to ensure the security and reliability of our services. Here’s a breakdown of the division of responsibilities between us and our users to create a secure environment for your data:

What Observe Inc is responsible for, when data is transmitted to and stored on the Observe platform:

  • Ensuring core service availability (ingestion, query, login)

  • Regularly updating and patching software and systems

  • Ensuring that security issues are identified and remediated in accordance with internal policies

What users are responsible for:

  • Configuring and managing access controls and permissions for their accounts

  • Educating their users on best practices and policies

  • Ensuring the integrity of data and code within their environments

If there is an incident, you can be notified by subscribing to our Status Page at:


Accessing your Observe tenant

Each Observe customer has a dedicated customer (tenant) ID. A customer ID is a 12-digit number that identifies your account, and is displayed in the URL you use to log into Observe. This ID is also required when sending data to Observe. The table below provides a list of regions that Observe provides services in. Your specific login URL is a combination of your customer ID and region.


Region URL

Cloud Services Location

US West (Oregon)


AWS us-west-2

Europe (Frankfurt)


AWS eu-central-1

Asia Pacific (Tokyo)


AWS ap-northeast-1