Release Notes June 16, 2023


URL Query Parameters

URL Query Parameters provide a convenient way to customize and share data with your applications. By leveraging these parameters, you can control time ranges, apply filters, and configure various settings for Dashboards, Datasets, Resource Instances, and Worksheets. This flexibility allows for seamless integration and enhanced data exploration within the Observe platform.

Additional Microsoft Azure Services

  • Azure Active Directory - provides an identity and access management service. It serves as a comprehensive identity and access management solution for managing user identities, enabling secure authentication and authorization, and facilitating access to various resources and applications in the Azure ecosystem. Azure AD allows organizations to centralize and manage user accounts, their access privileges, and authentication mechanisms. More information about Active Directory can be found here.

OPAL Language Updates



Returns an IPv4 address representation of the argument value. Integers are treated as an integer representation of the IP address and strings are treated as IP address string literals. Variant types are treated as either a string or integer depending on the data in each row. More information here.

OPAL Tutorials

Become familiar with OPAL using these tutorials:

OPAL 101 – Getting Started with OPAL

OPAL 102 – Shaping Structured and Unstructured Data Using Stages