Release Notes June 30, 2023

Log Explorer

You can search your Log Datasets to locate information about events on your applications or Observe instance. To access Log Explorer. click the Logs icon on the left navigation bar. For more information about Log Explorer, click here.

Log Explorer

Figure 1 - Log Explorer

Data Retention

Specify the length of time, in days, weeks, months, or years, to retain your data on your Observe instance. Specifying zero (0) indicates infinite data retention.

Configuring Data Retention

Figure 2 - Configuring Data Retention for a Datastream

To configure Data Retention, use the following steps:

  1. On your Observe instance, click Settings, and then Workspace Settings.

  2. Under Workplace Settings, click Datastreams.

  3. Click on the desired Datastream.

  4. Click the Pencil Pencil icon next to Create Token.

  5. Enter the desired Data Retention,such as 13 months and click Save.

OPAL Language Updates

No OPAL updates this week.