Release Notes July 14, 2023

Orca Security App

Orca brings together core cloud security capabilities, including vulnerability management, multi-cloud compliance and posture management, cloud workload protection, container security, and more in a single, purpose-built solution. You can now ingest this data into your Observe instance using the Observe Orca Security app. The Orca Security app provides a structure for data collected from the Orca Security API.

For information on installing the app, see Installing the Orca Security App.

Orca Security app

Figure 1 - The Orca Security App

Azure Service Accounts

An Azure Storage Account contains all of your Azure Storage data objects including blobs, files, queues, and tables. The Storage Account provides a unique namespace for your Azure Storage data that’s accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS. Data in the Storage Account is durable and highly available, secure, and massively scalable. For more information, see Azure Service Accounts.

OPAL Language Updates

No OPAL updates this week.

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