image AWS Quickstart (Public Preview)

Install the AWS Quickstart app to monitor and troubleshoot your AWS infrastructure. Observe’s AWS integration collects:

  • Information about resources, such as EC2 instances, RDS databases, and more, allowing you to track resource lifecycle changes over time.

  • CloudWatch Metrics, to monitor and alert on KPIs for your infrastructure

  • CloudWatch Logs, to troubleshoot logs emitted by applications running within AWS services Furthermore, applicable metrics and logs are automatically linked to their associated resources to enable deeper troubleshooting.

Setting up the Observe AWS integration

Once you have installed the AWS Quickstart app, it should appear in your Applications page within Observe.


In order to set up the integration, please follow these steps:

  • Click on Manage

  • Ensure you are on the Connections tab in the resulting page

  • Click on Get Started

  • In the dialog that appears, ensure you fill the Aws Account Id, Aws Region fields. Depending on your integration requirements, you may choose to toggle the desired options for CloudWatch Logs, CloudWatch MetricStream, and Config.

  • Click on Create

  • You should now see instructions generated for your setup. You can perform any one of the following actions:

    • If you prefer the Cloudformation Console, click on the quick create link, and a browser tab opens with all options populated

    • If you prefer the Cloudformation CLI, you may choose to run the command provided

    • If you prefer using Terraform, you may run the provided Terraform snippet

Viewing data about your AWS systems


The AWS integration is designed to auto discover resources in your AWS environment using AWS Config snapshots. Assets are automatically captured from every monitored account, including configurations associated with each asset depending on its type, along with its tags.


Perform detailed inspection of each resource, including inspecting property changes over time.

Inspect Resource Properties


Use the Metric Explorer to filter, transform, and visualize CloudWatch metrics collected from your AWS environments.


Select a metric time series and click on inspect to drill down into its associated resource.

Link Metrics to Resources


Use the Log Explorer to filter, transform, and visualize CloudWatch logs collected from your AWS environments. Depending on the log format, JSON formatted messages are automatically parsed for easy extraction and filtering and accessible through the jsonPayload field, while other log events are available as textPayload.

Cloudwatch Logs

Inspect and extract fields from structure logs:

Extract JSON Logs